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2007 Land Rover LR3


Land Rover LR3

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Services Performed
  • Road test vehicle. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check riding height. Hook up Hunter alignment machine. Take initial readings. Inspect alignment of all four wheels. Adjust caster, camber, toe-in, and thrust angle as needed on all four wheels. Center steering wheel. Print out final reading. Road Test.
  • Road-test vehicle (when possible). Check alignment, battery, brake system, cooling system, belts , hoses, suspension and steering components, a/c system, tire tread depth, all exterior and interior lights, all fluids. Check all windows, door lock operation, wiper blades, dash lights and gauges, air and cabin filters (when accessible). Test engine and transmission mounts. Report findings.
  • SHOCK &/OR STRUT ASSEMBLY – Remove & Install or Remove & Replace – Both,w/Air Suspension
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